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Q01:What age do you have to be to bowl?


Q02:How much does it cost?


Q03: Do I need to make a booking?


Q04: Do we require a deposit?

Q05: How long does a game take?

Q06: How do we do the scoring?


Q07: What is highest score you can get?


Q08: Why do we have to wear Bowling shoes?

Q09: Is food available? Can I bring my meal and dine in?


Q10: For the Health Buffs



A01:Any one can bowl from about 3 years up; we have special light balls and ramps to make it easy for the littlies.


A02: For detail of our prices to see our offer page.


A03: Yes, it is always best to make a booking before you come in. If you are organising a group to come bowling, make your booking as far as possible in advance, and then confirm your numbers 2 days before you are coming in to bowl.


A04:No, but we do request that you let us know if you are unable to come, or have reduce numbers, so we can sell the lanes to other people. We do not hold reserved lanes past the booking time.




A05:With 6 people on the lane a game takes about one hour, 5 people 50 minutes, 4 people 40 minutes, and so on. We do request that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your time to bowl to have your lane allocated and to get your shoes. If you are late we can not hold your booking if other people are booked to follow you.


A06: The scoring system is totally automatic, you do not need to do anything, the machine does it all.


A07: 300, this achieve by getting a strike with every ball you bowl.


A08:Bowling shoes have special leather soles that prevent damage to the bowling lanes. Also when bowling the ball correctly you slide on the approach, and you street shoes do not allow you to do this. NOTE!


A09: Food is available from 3pm till late. You are not allow to bring in your own food during our kitchen open time.


A10:1) The world health organization defines "light sports"; such as cricket, golf and sailing as those burning off 2.5 to 5.0 calories per minute.

2) Research revealed that bowling consumes 5.45 calories per minute.

3) Bowling therefore ranks alongside other moderate sports including swimming, tennis and horse back riding.

4) A bowler will traverse nearly 3 kilometres for every nine games bowled.

5) A bowler will swing a ball that can weigh anywhere from 6 to 16 pounds and make over 180 shots.

6) Tenpin Bowling exercises practically all the muscles and is a game, which can be played all year round by people of all ages.